Season’s Grumblings

With each passing year, diminishing cheer:
I feel less festive at Christmastime.

Perhaps it’s the sprawl of malls,
gaudy displays of “Holiday Cheer,”

a politically correct wink,
as though I’m supposed to know they

really mean “Merry Christmas,” but
corporate beliefs leave them no choice.

No voices ringing with carols, but a veritable
barrel of secular songs: Motown, Nashville, or worse still,

Burl Ives (that rumpled fool who sang like a choir boy
during the Red Scare) offering “Yuletide cheer.”

Or Maurice “I’m an entertainer, even when the audience
is all Nazis” Chevalier pretending he’s fun and nice.

Santa’s real elves are exploited Chinese child labor.
Neighbor, don’t listen to me. I’ve little glee.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Three Word Wednesday challenged us with Belief, Festive, and Rumple. Ha! I took up the challenge and delivered this exquisite poetic case of heartburn. What a Grinch! For those who are believers, have yourselves a Merry Christmas, and remember whose birthday it is, teach your children. And if you’re a secular Christmas person, hey, pay no neve-rmind to me, except for the part about the Chinese kids. Peace, Amy