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Season’s Grumblings

With each passing year, diminishing cheer:
I feel less festive at Christmastime.

Perhaps it’s the sprawl of malls,
gaudy displays of “Holiday Cheer,”

a politically correct wink,
as though I’m supposed to know they

really mean “Merry Christmas,” but
corporate beliefs leave them no choice.

No voices ringing with carols, but a veritable
barrel of secular songs: Motown, Nashville, or worse still,

Burl Ives (that rumpled fool who sang like a choir boy
during the Red Scare) offering “Yuletide cheer.”

Or Maurice “I’m an entertainer, even when the audience
is all Nazis” Chevalier pretending he’s fun and nice.

Santa’s real elves are exploited Chinese child labor.
Neighbor, don’t listen to me. I’ve little glee.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Three Word Wednesday challenged us with Belief, Festive, and Rumple. Ha! I took up the challenge and delivered this exquisite poetic case of heartburn. What a Grinch! For those who are believers, have yourselves a Merry Christmas, and remember whose birthday it is, teach your children. And if you’re a secular Christmas person, hey, pay no neve-rmind to me, except for the part about the Chinese kids. Peace, Amy

Life is Good When…

Life is good when children smile, their bellies full.
Life is good when girls play rough-and-tumble
after their tea party.
When boys are allowed to cry without ridicule…

Life is good when all folks have a home, however humble,
with food on the table and friends to share it.
When community clinics offer free health care
to those who need it most: addicts, women facing choices
that men don’t think twice about, prenatal care for those
who choose motherhood, help for those who don’t…

Life is good when handguns are melted to forge plows.
When women can wear hijabs and not encounter
disapproving looks from unveiled Anglos.
When Mom can choose to stay home because Dad
makes enough and has Union protections, or when
Mom decides the kids are all in school and can work
at something that exercises her mind and passion…

Life is good when the Christmas tree has more ornaments
on the tree than overpriced Chinese- made toys under it.
When the family gave more to charity than to Wal-Mart…

Life is good when every couple can hold hands and love
their lives together without condemnation from straights.
Life is good when the National Guard is back on US soil
and enlisted troops are all home, receiving VA care and
using their GI benefits to get an education…

We’re waiting for the day when life is good.

Until then, this dream is brought to you by your sponsor,
the Creator, who reminds us all that life is a gift…
use it wisely and with love.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
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