Hello all, from our new digs here in Madison, home base for recalling the governor of Wisconsin; protecting the environment of our state and others; protesting the war in Afghanistan (this includes Veterans for Peace); and sheltering the homeless during the bitter cold that comes and goes.

During my vacation from blogging (and while my computer crashed with one of those “phishing” viruses – I never fall for that), I composed a ditty for my good friend, Buddah Moskowitz, of I Hate Poetry and Virtual Poetry Reading. Thought it would be a nice “dipping of the toe in the poetic waters” to post it here. He’s SO worth it!! Peace, Amy

SILK THREAD (for Moskowitz)

There is a long, silken heartstring
Starts in the Midwest
Stretches to the Coast
(The Left Coast, not the other one)

Connects me with my
brother from another mother
in ways gutty, gutteral, giddy
and good

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

As always, posted at my “nest,” Poets United.