Wish Upon a Star

Remember being a kid and
wishing on a star?

I wish I can get a kitten.
I wish my sister wasn’t so mean.

I wish Mike in 7th period English liked me.
I wish my parents would stop fighting.

When I was a child
I wished as a child…

Now I wish for Fukushima
to be cooled, calmed, and collected

I wish for the Middle East to be at peace.
(Hey, I dream big)

I wish Rush Limbaugh would fade
into the obscurity he so richly deserves

I wish young girls would focus on their brains
and that Jon-Benetathons would vanish

I wish racists would grow
hearts… and minds

I wish on the wind for power
and for fracking to cease

I wish for women to be accorded
the rights and respect we deserve

I wish for justice for all, especially kids
For the world to be fed, clothed

This year, Jupiter is larger and
more visible than we’ll ever see it again.

So I focus on Jupiter,
shining bright in the night sky

If you want to heal a planet,
might as well wish on another planet

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
For the Thursday Think Tank at my poetic space station, Poets United, where the prompt was “Wish.”