I was going to post a poem, but more pressing matters… WordPressing matters, in fact. Thanks to Viv in France for bringing this to our attention.

When you leave a comment on any of our wonderful, creative, poetic, artistic, glorious blogs, REMEMBER to “uncheck” the sneaky little box underneath the window that says “Send me follow-ups to this comment.”

It used to be that you HAD to CHECK that box; you would then receive other comments related to that post in your email.

For some reason, I think Mitt Romney must be in charge, because it has flip-flopped to being checked FOR you, and then all our wonderful, awesome, amazing READERS (this means you!) get flooded with useless comments from our blogs. So unclick that stupid “default check” and you’ll be fine.

THIS IS NOT THE BLOGGERS’ FAULT, and we are trying to figure out how to get WordPress to change this. In the meantime, please, please don’t give up on sending comments… and we won’t give up on answering your critiques, your ideas, and your other comments. I’m sorry our host is giving y’all trouble.

Someone, please smack whoever it is… wait a sec, George W. Bush’s book tanked. Maybe he’s in charge now… in which case, we’re all screwed!

WMDWordPress Mass Distraction! YIIIIIKES!

Love you all madly.  Peace, Amy