Thanks to all who sent notes of support during my recent “computer Blue Screen Of Death” crisis. Took a day or so to read the work of others before starting to post again.

To followers of this blog, THANK YOU for your patience. If Sadie doesn’t Blue Screen again, I’ll be happy and she won’t be carted back to the shop sniffling. (OK, I was the one sniffling…)

Sunday Scribblings asked for poems about creativity. Seems like a good starting point for getting my groove back, also to post at dverse Open Mic Night, as well as the site that never BSODs me, Poets United (become a member, y’all!) and the whimsical Imaginary Garden with Read Toads for Open Link Monday. The seed for this poem was in a note to my dear friend Sidnie, with whom I share certain parts of the bozosphere.

Creative Juices

In the game of Poetry*
there are no winners, nor losers

Our creative juices flow
sometimes in rhythm and rhyme
or perhaps in chaotic streams of

One manโ€™s Keats
is another womenโ€™s drivel

So please accept
these dribblings
from the
howling bloodhound slobberjaws
of my
creatively juicy life

(or not)

ยฉ 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

*Shout-out to Buddah Moskowitz, who disdains “Capital P” poetry!! You’re my bruddah from anudda mudda! Ameleh