Oh, the Horror!

Bane of childhood Easter basket
Gumptious lather
clodded by machine into
alien-colored, noxious turds

Unnatural, they were, and
poisonously sugar-laced
Pillowstuff spongy

Look if you dare into
the Wayback Machine
That’s me
The kid who ate three or four
The girl whose stomach rebelled
Whose barf was projectile and yet
so colorful
Whose cat was not quick enough
to dodge the onslaught of
marshmallow peeps

© 2015 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Never too late for an Easter memory, even on Wednesday! No, I didn’t really barf on the cat, but it seemed like Diva (sitting on my lap, natch) wanted a cat mention in this one, and that was the only way to appease her…

For ABC Wednesday, M for Marshmallow: Merciless Mouth, Madcap Misadventures… add your own ideas in the comments. So glad to be back writing! Amy