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Oh, the Horror!

Bane of childhood Easter basket
Gumptious lather
clodded by machine into
alien-colored, noxious turds

Unnatural, they were, and
poisonously sugar-laced
Pillowstuff spongy

Look if you dare into
the Wayback Machine
That’s me
The kid who ate three or four
The girl whose stomach rebelled
Whose barf was projectile and yet
so colorful
Whose cat was not quick enough
to dodge the onslaught of
marshmallow peeps

© 2015 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Never too late for an Easter memory, even on Wednesday! No, I didn’t really barf on the cat, but it seemed like Diva (sitting on my lap, natch) wanted a cat mention in this one, and that was the only way to appease her…

For ABC Wednesday, M for Marshmallow: Merciless Mouth, Madcap Misadventures… add your own ideas in the comments. So glad to be back writing! Amy

Nothing to Prove

Don’t need miracles
Loaves and fishes;
Lazarus wishes

Don’t need purity,
a Virgin birth
for his time on earth

Don’t need witnesses
Kings from far away
God’s voice on baptism day

Don’t need him calm
He threw over tables
Taught radical fables

Didn’t need a temple
Homeless by choice
Folks understood his voice

All I need is his words of love
His hand stretched out to the poor
To street kids, to ‘untouchables’

He was real and human
Dragged his cross to Calvary
Questioned God as he hung from a tree

I don’t need resurrection
No “Mary, don’t you know me?”
No Doubting Thomas: “See?”

All these things could have happened.
If they didn’t, I would
still follow him best I could

The Way is peace, love
The Way is easy it you let it be
If you turn off the world, you’ll start to see

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

NOTE: I believe there are “many ways up the mountain.” As much as I follow Jesus, I don’t exclude people of different beliefs from my life.  I often have amazing conversations with Jews, Muslims, atheists… anyone willing to engage in love. I am not a biblical literalist and do have a problem engaging some (SOME) fundamentalists because theirs is an absolute path, which is far from my own, and they tend to get mad when asked about “cherry-picking” Scripture. My path is very, very wide, and I truly believe Jesus’ best gift to the world was his message, “Love one another.”

This was written for Poetic Bloomings; their prompt was Easter. This is also posted at Poetry Pantry at Poets United, where I have been a proud member since 2009.

Had a wonderful, mutually respectful conversation with a fellow Christian – he’s a bit more from the right; I’m one of the (not really named) Christian Left. It was a hot topic, and we agreed that there are “many roads up the mountain,” that our aim is not to proselytize, but to put it out there for people to make up their own minds.

Thanks to Marie Elena and Walt for their work on the blog, as well as my Poets United buddies.

Whatever your path, deist, theist, atheist… I wish you peace and acceptance. Amy

He Was Eating and Drinking
(Click to play with ITunes or Windows Media Player)

He Was Eating and Drinking

Not like a thief in the night
Jesus came down
Walking his disciples
Straight through the heart of town
Even when he whispered
You heard about it for miles around

‘Cause he was eating and drinking
With the sinners and the slaves
He was healing and praying
With the rich and the depraved
He was suffering and dying
So we could be saved


No one expected to see
A king with no crown
Riding on a donkey
Straight through the heart of town
The fat men in their fine robes,
They couldn’t wait to put Jesus down


How could this Messiah be
Beaten and broken down?
Dragging his cross
Straight through the heart of town
‘Cause God knew his suffering
Would lead his followers Heaven-bound

(Chorus and rowdy out!)

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
Song published © 2009 Beehat Baby Words and Music

This prompt was found at Margo Roby’s Wordgathering Free-For-All Friday, where she generously supplies a whole lot of prompts. The fabulous Mary Kling at Poetry Jam wanted the usual/unusual or anything else… You can find Mary’s site HERE. Also, as always, it’s at my poetic haven, Poets United If the song doesn’t work on your computer, please email me at my blog name, and I’ll send you an mp3!

I have to say, the contrasts in this story of Jesus’ ministry seem to go against the grain. He was more than unusual; he was radical, discomfiting, altogether loving, and nondiscriminatory. He was a prisoner of conscience, executed by the Roman State. Amnesty International would have been all over his case if he lived now, right?

This song was produced in Binghamton, NY, at a very, very cold studio in March 2009. I’m on keys, Scotty Compton is on bass, and Mike Ricciardi is on drums. (Drums were added later, then the song was mastered.) Someday I’ll get this praise and gospel stuff on a CD, when the dosh is ample and the corn is high… and the moon is blue!  Blessed Pesach and Easter to my Jewish and Christian friends, and to everyone else, peace.  Amy