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First off, great news! Fred Weintraub, while promoting his book co-written by David Fields and edited by yours truly, added my blog link to his page! Scroll down to the bottom right and see my picture and link there!

I’m a bit slow at responding to comments because I visit each and every one of you who leave word with me… so be patient!  Or to borrow from an old bit, “Be gentle… it’s my 385th time!”

You know it’s getting near Valentine’s Day when I get all sloppy about long-ago unrequited love… old feelings sometimes give birth to new poems. Still happy with the valentine I have, my Lex! Peace, Amy

I’ve Been There

Tell me how you feel
I’m your sounding board
I’ll play devil’s advocate
‘case there’s something you’ve ignored

She was too lovely to be real
And you loved her, yes, it’s true
But the way you looked at her
is the way I look at you

I’ve been there, too many times
Trying to find the rhythm in the rhymes
I’ve been there, tongue hanging out
Heart on my sleeve, and foolish, no doubt

You can’t understand why she
can’t be the one to adore you
I can’t understand why you
can’t see what’s right here before you

Tell me how you feel
I’ll be here forever
But will I tell you
how I feel? Probably never…

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
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Remember the book I helped edit? IT’S HERE!  Read this poem and I dare you to tell me  you don’t want to read this guy’s story.  Fred Weintraub tells it like it is, like it was.   He admits he can be a schmuck, but as for me, he’s a MENSCH – a real human being who knows how to laugh at himself, and when.   The most powerful man in Hollywood you never heard of.   So if you want to get a great slant on the 50s and 60s and beyond, follow this LINK to get your e- or hard copy of Bruce Lee, Woodstock & Me.   (He even mentioned my “sharp little pencil” in the acknowledgments!) Thanks to my old friend David Fields for hooking me up to an incredible project. Peace, Amy

in peace or otherwise

Fred’s not dead
Not by a long shot
He’s kickin like Bruce Lee
Full of chutzpah and
ready to tell the tale

Tasted the Bitter End
Made the brick wall a comedy club icon
Helped nunchucks whirl their way
into the American vernacular
as well as Bruce Lee
Woody, Cosby, Pryor
Peter, Paul & Mary

Wandered the world
Saw a Cuban jail and
a lot of women
Played piano in a cathouse
Anything to keep away from
the safety of a picket fence
and an ordinary life

If not for Fred
No footage of feel-good hippies
in Woodstock mud
No historical record of the
defining, deafening cry of the 60s

Vulnerable to sentimentality
Seriously blessed by serendipity
and occasionally a real pain in the ass

Fred’s not dead
Not by a long shot
And he’s telling all…

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil