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Sad to hear the Writer’s Island is sailing into the sunset soon, but grateful to Rob for his dedication and hard work over these years.  He deserves not only a break, but HUZZAHS from all poets who have met each other online through his blog.  Love you, Rob, and HAD to respond to one of the final prompts, “Incomparable,” with a pun.   Peace, Amy

Income Parable

Two sisters, two misters
Two divergent types of wife
One Wall Street, one small street
Each to their own way of life

One greedy, e’er needy
Income never quite enough
So fancy, perchance she
might have done well with less “stuff”

Other sister and her mister
always seemed to have their share
Faith and love held above
the stocks and bonds, the truth or dare

First Recession, soon Depression
Sister One weeps over loss
Sister Two has no boo-hoo
when faith is strong, the World’s not boss

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
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My second April “Poem A Day,” which I am posting at Writer’s Island as well as here. Check out more poets at the Island and at Poetic Asides, which offers a prompt a day as well. Sitting in a cafe, trying to balance our checkbook (and only off by a couple thousand dollars right now…), this came to me. And thus, the clicking on the keys stopped and the lovely, organic scritch-scratch of pencil on paper began… Amy

The Revolving Balance

Balancing finances, fell off wire
Landed in mesh, entwined in string
as random numbers bounced about the calculator
Makes no sense, these dollars

Balancing meds, try not to trip
by “missing” highs and skipping dosages
or using other yummies to alter mood
My hold on the pole determines my dynamics

Balancing “mad at government” with happy home
Guilt over our plenty, while others starve
Well, radiation got to the Midwest – we’re sharing that a bit
It snowed yesterday. He said, “Look, honey, nuclear winter.”

I have to laugh at depressing thoughts to keep my balance
despite the fact the Gilbert Gottfried tweets tastelessly
despite our struggle to bolster union and human rights
despite Japan, Katrina, the Gulf, the war, and rumors of more

Balance is a gift from God bestowed through vessels:
Doctors, friends, therapists
my church family, my FAMILY family,
and by patience in the process of breathing… of being

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil