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Sleeping on a park bench
Living in a Chevy beater
Winter covers each with
an unwanted blanket of snow

Downtown, shoppers
pay them no mind; while
searching for deep discounts,
they discount these folks

Tonight, under starlight that
sets the frost a-twinkle with
thousands of crystals, remember
Jesus is sleeping under cardboard

not too far from here…

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Michael Crawford sings this song with heart, with understanding.  May we all remember the homeless during this HOHOHO season of frenzied gift giving, as we fatten our credit card balances buying crap made by child slave labor in China.

For ABC Wednesday, the letter U.  Pick one:  Underfed, Underemployed, Under stress, Under cardboard boxes.  Also “in the margins” at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads and Poets United.  Peace, Amy

Memo To Shrinking Churches

Hear the cries of today’s church:
“Where are the people?”
“We have a choir, we sing the hymns.”
“We have casserole suppers and Bingo.”
“We founded this church. They should come.”
“Your skirt is too short, young lady.”

Hear the whispers in the pews:
“Why is that gay flag still out in front like an ad?”
“Don’t talk to (so-and-so). You’ll get in trouble.”
“Because we’ve ALWAYS done it that way.”
“Is that a He or a She?” (muffled laughter)
“He smells bad. Is he homeless? Move over here.”
…and my personal favorite:
“Where did all these (insert minority) people come from?
We certainly didn’t invite them to worship here.”

The Greatest Generation has a problem adapting.
Yes, change is HARD. But so is sticking…
…to your ground
…to outmoded ideals
…in the mud

If you’re reading this, you are, at this moment:
on a computer
connected to the Internet
through a cable TV provider.
You may even print off copies to pass out
among “your people” in church on Sunday.

Just a reminder,
computers and printers
cable TV
and the Internet
were NOT around when “Father Knew Best,”

So are you really doing things “the way we always have?”

Or are you only comfortable updating
your acceptance and needs
when it’s conveeeeeenient?

With love from The Church Lady

Just a reminder to Christians who have forgotten we follow a man who was homeless by choice and preached unconditional love. This post may not seem loving, but I do mean it as a loving wake-up call to those who thing stale-bread-cube worship, within four walls of a church on Sundays, is the only way to follow Christ. Worship is great; I get a lot from it, but I grow weary of “cafeteria Christians.”  You can’t grow a church until you expand your hearts to include everyone – and quit bitching about change.

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads’ Open Link Monday and dverse Open Mic Night. ALSO, Roger Green is adding this link to ABC Wednesday, where the letter is J – for Jesus. Thanks for watching my back, Roger! Peace, Amy

Nothing to Prove

Don’t need miracles
Loaves and fishes;
Lazarus wishes

Don’t need purity,
a Virgin birth
for his time on earth

Don’t need witnesses
Kings from far away
God’s voice on baptism day

Don’t need him calm
He threw over tables
Taught radical fables

Didn’t need a temple
Homeless by choice
Folks understood his voice

All I need is his words of love
His hand stretched out to the poor
To street kids, to ‘untouchables’

He was real and human
Dragged his cross to Calvary
Questioned God as he hung from a tree

I don’t need resurrection
No “Mary, don’t you know me?”
No Doubting Thomas: “See?”

All these things could have happened.
If they didn’t, I would
still follow him best I could

The Way is peace, love
The Way is easy it you let it be
If you turn off the world, you’ll start to see

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

NOTE: I believe there are “many ways up the mountain.” As much as I follow Jesus, I don’t exclude people of different beliefs from my life.  I often have amazing conversations with Jews, Muslims, atheists… anyone willing to engage in love. I am not a biblical literalist and do have a problem engaging some (SOME) fundamentalists because theirs is an absolute path, which is far from my own, and they tend to get mad when asked about “cherry-picking” Scripture. My path is very, very wide, and I truly believe Jesus’ best gift to the world was his message, “Love one another.”

This was written for Poetic Bloomings; their prompt was Easter. This is also posted at Poetry Pantry at Poets United, where I have been a proud member since 2009.

Had a wonderful, mutually respectful conversation with a fellow Christian – he’s a bit more from the right; I’m one of the (not really named) Christian Left. It was a hot topic, and we agreed that there are “many roads up the mountain,” that our aim is not to proselytize, but to put it out there for people to make up their own minds.

Thanks to Marie Elena and Walt for their work on the blog, as well as my Poets United buddies.

Whatever your path, deist, theist, atheist… I wish you peace and acceptance. Amy

Many followers of the Christ assume only they are going to Heaven. Even worse, within Christianity, there are pickers and choosers; they claim to speak for God and freely condemn all sorts of people, just like the Pharisees did in their day. So this is dedicated to the harder hearts among Jesus’ legacy, sure the Rapture is just around the bend and rubbing their hands in delight and/or angst about all us miserable folks who are surely going to Hell.

Honey, Hell is right here on earth… just look in a crack den. I don’t believe in the Rapture. Jesus said love God and each other. God is LOVE! Can I get an “amen”? Amy


A Fundie sighed
that if I died
today, I’d go to Hell

“How do you know
just where I’ll go;
and when we’ll hear that bell?”

Until the “Rapture,”
let us capture
what God bids us to do:

Doing justice
living kindness
and walking humbly, too

End it today?
Guess I’d say
I truly have no fears

I live as though
the earth will go
another thousand years

© Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Image by Monty Propps at b3ta