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Well, I’m not one for bragging (and if I am, will someone please let me know so I can stuff some humble pie in my face), but Polly Robinson of Polly: Writings and Witterings posed what may be her first prompt, and I could not resist. After posting, I found out it was one of three favorites! To see her comments, and other winners as well, please see: THIS POST.  And now let’s get down to some poeting.  Poemizing.  Poemization.  Er, writing poetry:

Remember Passion

Passion – all-consuming,
glorious blaze of every
sense alive and alight,
every synapse snapping,

a fire for
the belly
the brain
the heart
the hearth that hums beneath
her sheath and his jeans

Passion burns benevolently
for a time, somewhat contained
(but if the team mascot loves the
place-kicker, they head for a
fireproof locker, kissing in shadows
of the homecoming bonfire)

The fire can consume lovers.
The burn doesn’t always hurt.
Passion will wane, but
the reflection will remain
in the rearview mirror of their minds,
glowing on lonely nights,
a long-gone ember of…


© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

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