Hello. all my wonderful peeps.

Thank you for continuing to log onto my blog. You have been a large part of my sanity over these past couple of years; your comments of support, kindness, and also constructive criticism have helped me grow as a poet, and I feel as though my online “family” is growing as well.

We are in the midst of move to Madison, WI, and our new church family at Lake Edge United Church of Christ, where Lex will serve as Senior Pastor. This means I must take a break for a bit, but you can’t get rid of me that easily – in the words of The Governator, “I’ll be back.”

So tune in around the first of February, and, God willing, we will be moved in; Lex will have started at Lake Edge UCC; and I will have unpacked sufficient boxes to allow me to indulge in posting, logging onto YOUR blogs, commenting, and making mischief – poetic, musical, and otherwise!

Til then, I wish you all peace, Amy